Goodbye, Dish Network

I’m changing TV providers.  I’m finally dropping Dish Network – something I should have done in 2010 – and going to FIOS.  This means I have to return my old DVR, and all the lovely things we’ve saved and protected over the years.  I had to go watch a lot of them once more for old time’s sake.

There was Jackie on the floor of the House on C-Span, her first time there.  I’ll hate losing that.  So the cameras wasn’t focused on her, but she was seated right behind the person the camera was focused on.  There’s Brink!, which Kelly and her buddies watched more times than anyone else in the world.  I even protected Sharknado! (a rash of TV shows with exclamation points!)  And there’s the last eight episodes of Breaking Bad.

I texted Kelly telling her how sad this was, especially to be losing BB since that season isn’t on Netflix yet.  And within eight hours, I got an email from Netflix telling me the last season was now available.  That was what I needed to put me back into a Screw You, Dish Network mode who laid me off four years ago.  Took me long enough to end that abusive relationship.

I rewatched the last eight episodes of BB this week.  Such a perfect confluence of acting, directing, cinematography, soundtrack and writing.  Writing, writing, writing.

I liked going back but mostly it reminded me of how bad The Walking Dead gets.


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