I want my life back

I innocently downloaded the app QuizUp, started playing and then didn’t stop for eight hours.  It’s a trivia game but a very fast one.  Each game has only six rounds so you can complete it in a minute.  It has not only the expected subjects, but they are further broken down into smaller subjects.  You can play general TV, or specialize in Big Bang Theory, Classic Cartoons or Seinfeld.

I started out with General Knowledge, which was all over the board.  After you beat so many opponents, your title changes from Novice to Smartypants.  (I’m House Baratheon now in Game of Thrones and Captain Cook in Breaking Bad.  I once lost to a Heisenberg there.)

It’s better than games like Draw Free because you don’t have to wait for your opponent to come back and take his turn.  You just pick a category and someone from anywhere in the world will be there to play.  (Which is great, but also caused me to stay up until 2 AM last night.)

I lost my first game in Shakespeare which annoyed my no end I had to keep at it.  Same thing with The Beatles.  I had many men quit on me when they were losing to a girl in baseball.  There are many sub categories I’ll probably never try, like economics, wine or Justin Bieber, but there’s a topic to appeal to every taste.

It’s a blast and highly addicting.  And it’s free!  It’s timed which leads to people to pick too quickly without reading closely enough which gives you fun answers such as opponents saying Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated Jimmy Carter, which would definitely come as a surprise to Jimmy Carter.

It only took me ten minutes to write this post, but still I stopped and played three more games during it.  C’mon, it’s December.  What else do you have to do with your time this month?

If you download it, come look for me.  My screen name is Katymaria and I’ll kick your ass in Classic Literature!



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