Bring out your dead

My first tweet was about four years ago and it said, “What a waste of technology.”

How naive I was.

I knew it would never be my medium because I am too verbose to limit myself to such few characters: I have WordPress for that.  But Twitter has become so important to me I can’t imagine life without it.

Twitter shined the last few weeks during the shutdown.  It was everything you wanted to know the second it happened.  There is no news organization that can touch it.

A few weeks go, my daughter who works in DC, texted me that she was fine and safely locked down in her building.  I had no idea what she was talking about.  I went to CNN, Headline News and the New York Times sites and they had nothing before I remembered Twitter where I saw 10 tweets about a shooting in DC.  It took CNN 10 more minutes to send an update.

After two weeks of supremacy, Twitter fell on its face today.  Over lunch, I saw the first tweet that Congressman Bill Young (R-Florida) was dead. Followed by the next guy tweeting it and the next and the next.  Ten minutes later came the apologies and backtracking because he isn’t dead.  Then came the condemnations of the first ones to get it wrong,  Then came an outpouring of “thought and prayers” posts.  Then the tweet that said Fox News report Young dead, too.  As of this moment, Congressman Young is alive but gravely ill.

I don’t mind when Twitter screws up like that because there’s not that much accountability (just like Fox News!) and it self-polices quickly.

You don’t have to be a political junkie to enjoy Twitter.  Whatever your niche is, you’ll find people to follow who are worth it.  It’a an indispensable tool.

I have yet to find any celebrity who is worth it. (Worth it in my book = smart and funny.)  Nor any athlete.  But hope springs.

Too bad Young is so ill.  I bet he would have enjoyed watching his funeral today and saying in his best Monty Python voice, “I’m not quite dead yet.”


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