Don’t mess with Jane Austen

It’s a truth, universally acknowledged, that’s it’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage.”

Last week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory showed Sheldon having Amy over to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark, his childhood favorite.  He was so excited for her to love it as much as he did.  She said it was entertaining, despite its obvious story flaws.  Sheldon was annoyed because he couldn’t imagine any flaws in Raiders until she told him Indy isn’t needed.  That the movie would have ended the same way if he hadn’t been in it.  The Nazis would still have gotten the ark, would still have taken it to the island and still have died.  After Sheldon thought about that for a bit, he realized she was right and mad she ruined the movie for him.

He decided to get even and ruin something precious from her childhood.  He started reading Pride and Prejudice.

I feel the same way about P & P that Sheldon does about Raiders.  I was worried for a second what he might come up with.

When he finished it, he said it was a “flawless masterpiece.  He’s too proud.  She’s too prejudiced.  It just works.”

Then he went on to find plot holes in Garfield instead.


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