I’m no Annie Wilkes, but I have read a lot of Stephen King’s books.  He’s a great story teller, even when he blows the ending.

I read The Shining when I was in my young twenties and it so terrified me, I couldn’t bring myself to read him again until I turned 40, by which time I had a lot of catching up to do.  Kelly read it when she was even younger, and found she couldn’t read it alone in her dorm room.  She had to go to a coffee shop where the nameless strangers gave her the courage to turn the page.

If your only exposure to The Shining is the movie, then you know nothing, Jon Snow.  The movie took everything that was terrifying in the book and ignored it.  For reasons unknown to me, people consider it a masterpiece of horror films, but if you want to be scared, read the book.

I got the sequel today, Doctor Sleep.  I’d like to think I’m too old to be scared by a book anymore, but I know better.  Do your worst, Mr. King.


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