I Know Something, Jon Snow

The Sundance Channel has a show called The Writer’s Room, which I started watching a few weeks back because they had Vince Gilligan on.  Last night, they had the two screenwriters from Game of Thrones on.  They told the story of how they convinced George R. R. Martin to let them film it for HBO.

Martin had already gotten film offers, which would have made him much richer but he realized you cannot do justice to a 1000 page book in a two-hour film.  He met with the screenwriters, who are David Benioff and  D. B. Weiss, in a restaurant for five hours.  He was open to the idea of it being a series right away, especially an HBO one with its six-million dollars an episode budget.

To make sure they were the right guys to translate his books, he asked them one question.  “Who is Jon Snow’s mother?”  They got the answer right and they got the books.

I haven’t finished the fifth book yet so I do not know if that book have spelled this out yet but I am fairly sure I know who Jon Snow’s mother is.

Summer is almost over and I need to get back to Book Five, but a friend at work reminded me of Rappuccini’s Daughter last week, a short story I had not read in ages.  I can’t read a little Nathaniel Hawthorne without wanting to revisit Hester Prynne, so I’m back in the land of religious intolerance for a while.

I’ll be your girl again right after that, George.


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