I was all set for Buried.  I had my phone ready for Twitter updates and my tablet opened to the breakingbadsync.com.  I learned that while I enjoyed watching Sharknado with Twitter updates,  I found out I have no desire to be distracted from the show. I lasted two minutes with both of them.

The second episode of the season opened the same way the second episode of last year’s did; with a character we never saw before (the Madrigal chicken nugget guy and the guy who found Jesse’s money.)  That doesn’t mean anything although I bet there are fifteen hundred theories already out there on why Vince Gilligan did that.  As we are getting closer to the end, people are seeing clues everywhere.  Last week, I read a thread on the significance of the fan in the garage during the Hank/Walt showdown.  “It was in so many shots,” they said, “it has to signify something.”

I think it signifies that it gets hot in Albuquerque garages. This is what Lost has wrought.  We think it elevates even the most mundane thing to clues.

I am not liking Zombie Jesse anymore than Suicidal Jesse.  i wonder how Aaron Paul felt when he found out he does not speak at all in the seventh last show.

I love me some Lydia Rodarte Quayle.  She’s so squirrely and nervous.  But this Lydia Rodarte Quayle was nothing of the sort.  And how the hell does she get cell phone reception in a bus buried in the ground?  I can’t even get it in my laundry room.  And Todd; we knew we weren’t done with him.  He is such a gentleman for a natural born killer.

I am thrilled Todd’s uncle and his crew are back.  We’ll see them again but I like how Gilligan is bringing the important, but peripheral characters back for one last bow.  Last week, it was Skinny Pete and Badger.  This week, it was Huell and Kuby.  (“Are you happy, Huell?”  “Reasonably.”)

Hank said he needs one big clue to tie it all together.  I shouldn’t have looked ahead, but I know what the name of the next two shows are.  Jesus H. Christ!  I’m not looking ahead anymore.

Once it’s all over, we’ll have to analyze if the flash forwards enhanced the show or gave us too much info.


3 comments on “Buried

  1. >I think it signifies that it gets hot in Albuquerque garages. This is what Lost has wrought. We think it elevates even the most mundane thing to clues.

    Except that Lost *intentionally* put those meaningless clues in, just for the sake of being “cool” and misled the audience into thinking they were really meaningful.

    When Breaking Bad does that, it always has some import down the road, unlike Lost.

  2. I’m sure Lost meant to answer all the riddles. They just weren’t skilled enough. Both sets of writing teams were/are great at writing themselves into corners. But Lost just crumbled where BB thrives. Or maybe the Lost writers knew how hooked their fans were and figured we’d forgive them anything.

  3. I think your last sentence is closer to the truth than anything. They were just making up “cool” scenes and worrying about it later. Then later came and they didn’t bother with it.

    I don’t think BB is like that. I think they have a clear plan where they’re going, and had one since nearly day one.

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