Blood Money, Part Two

I don’t have  Episode 509 out of my system yet.  I watched it again last night.  I’ve read many reviews this week from other bloggers and listened to a few podcasts, including Breaking Bad Insider, with Vince Gilligan.

While everyone is in agreement over how great it was, I didn’t come across anyone else who was annoyed by what annoyed me.  It wasn’t a big annoyance by any means; just a three-second clip that bothered me.  Since it bothered no one else, this probably means I’m an old pooh and only a few years away from telling those kids to get off my lawn.

Last Sunday.  9 P.M.  The show we’ve been waiting for for almost a year.  The AMC clock counting down the seconds in the top left corner, and then, it’s here.  It opened with “Previously on Breaking Bad” and the first thing we see is Walt hiding the ricin behind the outlet.  The opening scene is Walt back inside his ruined house, so we instantly know he’s there to get the ricin.  There was no other reason to show us the ricin in the “previously on” clips.

Like I said, it’s a very small complaint but I would rather have seen Walt get the ricin without being spoonfed that it was coming.

It reminded me of the second and third Harry Potter books, where JK Rowling felt the need to explain things she had already explained in Book One.  Luckily, she stopped that nonsense by Book Four because it was insulting to her readers who paid attention.

I don’t see why creators feel the need to kowtow to marginal fans instead of telling the story for the rabid fans.  It would have been better without the ricin clip.

I read a post this week from a guy who says he loves Breaking Bad, yet has always fast forwarded through all the family scenes.  I don’t see how he can pretend to love it when he is ignorant of such a big part of the show.

It’s only a TV show and not worth getting worked up over.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I hear some kids on my lawn.


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