Blood Money

Breaking Bad was nothing what I thought it would be and everything I was wishing for.  I never imagined Walt and Hank would have their run-in in the first episode back.  I figured that would be pretty climactic stuff.  I don’t see how Hank can arrest him; all his hard evidence is illegally obtained, from the book he stole to the GPS tracker.  Hank does have a history of flaunting the law to get his family out of trouble.  He did it twice for Marie, once for Walter and once for Walt Jr.  This is an entirely different circumstance, though, and I have a hard time seeing any kind of truce between them.

But, then again, I have never seen anything in Breaking Bad coming.  Gilligan did that lovely misdirection in the first scene of Season 2 with the teddy bear in the pool. I spent so much of that season thinking something terrible was going to happen to infant Holly.  No one was thinking mid-air collision until the teaser in ABQ.  The things leading up to that didn’t even happen until the very end of that season.  Jane didn’t start using again until halfway though the third last episode and by the second last, she was dead.  It was a similar situation in Season 3.  Gus didn’t ask Gale if he could take over production on his own until that final episode was half over.  It’s even more pronounced in Season 4.  Walt did not go to see Hector until the final episode.  You can’t see anything coming because he saves his big moves for the last episode.   And by then, you’re too busy watching to figure it out.

I loved how Walt put a towel on the floor for his knees before he threw up.  He had no idea Gus did that in Salud, but the writers knew it and we knew it.  A nice way of pointing out Walter has become as bad as Gus.  What the hell are we going to do without Breaking Bad?


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