We do this Every Day

22 games over .500   Best record in baseball.  After 20 years of crap, these are heady days to be a Pirates’ fan.  As someone who watched practically every game during those 20 long, horrid years, I feel it’s my duty to offer some advice to the bandwagon jumpers.

When the Pirates drop a few games in a row, please stop calling talk shows to say, “Oh, well, maybe the Bucs can at least have a winning season this year.”  Alternately, when the Bucs win a few games in a row, do not call talk shows to talk about who they’ll be playing in the World Series.

First thing for the frontrunners to know is so far, in 137 years of major league baseball, no team has had a perfect season.  The best of the best lose 60 games, so chill the heck out.  You sound like such a rookie.

Secondly, stop talking about the World Series.  It’s July!  All you’re doing is proving you weren’t even a fan last August when they crashed and burned so spectacularly.

The answer to the question. “What will the Bucs do?” is “Ask me in September.”

Calm down and remember what Earl Weaver said.  (look him up)  “”This ain’t a football game, kid, we do this every day.”

Now, let’s get after those stinkin’ Cardinals again.


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