I’m not writing the B word again

My last post was about blogging and what I’ve learned since I started this. This post is about what I’ve learned since I wrote a post about blogging.

Among others, I got four new followers, and their blogs are about how to make money blogging. None of them ever read my post at all, or else they would have read I have no desire to monetize this. (Please don’t worry about my finances: I’ve got this sweet email deal with a Nigerian prince I am working on so I’ll be fine.) They just searched tags, found the word “blog” or “how to blog” and hit me up. They only followed me so I’d follow them.

Oh, Lord, I am so naive. I thought people followed other bloggers because they enjoyed reading them. It didn’t dawn on me they’d have an angle.

I am not adding any tags to this because four cheap follows is enough. But if you’re stuck on 97 followers, do I ever have some advice for you.


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