A mind needs books the way a sword needs a whetstone

A month ago, I wrote about the geeks who have read the Game of Thrones books.   A month later, I’m a full-fledged geek.

There are so many things that need my attention that I’ve ignored, and I’ll get to them, but not for two more books.  I am spending all of my free time reading.  We had a storm here Wednesday, replete with flash flooding that made it tricky to get from here to there.  I navigated that fine, just in time to get home to my power going off.  It was too dark to read inside so I went on my porch.  It was pouring and thundering as I read about the Red Wedding.  It was perfect.

In Books 1 and 2, you go from chapter to chapter, catching up on Tyrion or Arya or Jon and it was fine.  George Martin kicked it up so much from the wedding on, that you can’t wait to get back to Tyrion and Arya and Jon.  There are cliffhangers at the end of each chapter.

I love all the religion in the books, especially since the books aren’t religious at all.  I like the old gods, nameless gods of the trees, wind and stone.  But new times bring new gods, and I like the seven-in-one of the new gods, where you can pray to the Mother or the Warrior, whomever you need help from that day.  Melisandre comes along with her god of dark magic, keen on converting everyone she can.  I don’t get that.  Why would people drop the religion of their fathers for one whose motto is, “For the night is dark, and full of terrors.”  Mostly I liked Tyrion talking about all the rules the gods have and asking where was the god of tits and wine?

These books have become an obsession.  I’ll return to my regularly scheduled life soon.

After a few more chapters.



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