It Wasn’t Even Shark Week

Most days my Twitter feed is filled with doings in the House and Senate, but some days it explodes into a world of nonsense, as it did yesterday with Sharknado.  The jokes were endless and mostly brilliant.  One look at the trailer convinced me I have to watch.  It had all the makings.

And it did not disappoint.  A terrible plot, forced acting, insufficient lighting and a special effects budget that must have been smaller than what I spend on nail polish in a month.  My daughter and I texted all through it, and Twitter was still humming along so it was a lovely blending of TV and social media.

On any other given Thursday, my daughter would have missed it because she has a grad school class then, but the professor had set it up for an online class instead.  She texted me that her professor wrote that the answer she gave was brilliant, then added, “Little does she know I am simultaneously watching Sharknado.”

When the sharks were flying into the bar, I texted, and please pardon my French, “There’s too many motherfucking sharks in this motherfucking bar.”


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