I Know They’re Wrong, Wait and See

It was a tough week for the haters after the Supremes announced the death of DOMA. They always have to take their vitriol to a new level of hurtfulness to attract the attention of the media. Mike Huckabee got the ball rolling with, “I’m neither a homophobe nor a hater, but…” Just stop, Mike, While I applaud your correct usage of neither/nor, anyone who starts a sentence like that, then adds a ‘but’ has lost his argument. YES, YOU ARE, MIKE!

We had a right-wing bishop named Harry Jackson saying children who are raised by gays will “turn to lives of crime and violence” and the LGBTQ community is trying to recruit young people “just like during the times of Hitler.”  He also misses his rainbow and wants it back!

Wouldn’t it be nice if supposed holy people were nice, kind people instead of lunatics?

I decided to jab the nail further in my head and visit some of their hate sites. It’s amazing how many anti-gay hate sites have the word ‘family’ in their title. I worry about kids who grow up in families like that with parents who teach them who to hate, why to hate them and the perfect things to say that will be the most hateful and hurtful. I hope that when most of them near adulthood, they’ll realize their parents can be buttheads just like anyone else.

You get bashed over the head on their sites with their Take America Back cheers and their list of family values. Who exactly do they want to take America back from? Back from women and blacks who stayed in their place back when they were kids? Back to a time when immigrant meant white and Western European? Back when gays were in the closet? They can’t take America back from us. We’re Americans.

Perhaps their family values include hating everyone who isn’t a white straight male, but my family values education, reading, continued learning all through life, never judging others because you have no clue what they’ve been through, and kindness doesn’t cost a thing. We value a good screen pass, too.


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