Pet Peeve

I sat down to watch my Pirates game tonight and noticed it wasn’t on the channel it is usually on. A quick search showed me it was on national TV. Now, your team is probably plays in front of a national audience often, or at least occasionally. But my team doesn’t. They are on national TV never. Ever EVER.

NIce of MLB to notice they have the best record in baseball and throw us a bone.

I forget who the announcers are, but one of them said he was born here. And then he committed a cardinal sin in my eyes. (Damn Cardinals won today. Grumble!) He said Pittsburgh was built on the confluence of three rivers. Sigh. No, no, no, no, no. He used the word incorrectly. Pittsburgh was built at the confluence of two rivers, which then go on to form a third. If it was a confluence of three rivers, we’d need a fourth river in Pittsburgh. (Pedro Alvarez splashed a homerun into one of those rivers tonight. El Toro!)

Stop using the word ‘confluence’ incorrectly. My next mission is to get New Yorkers to stop mispronouncing Andrew Carnegie’s name. You know Andrew. He gave a boatload of money to Pittsburgh as well as New York City. We honor him here by pronouncing all the things named after him correctly, not dishonor him by putting the accent on the wrong syllable. Which seems to be a perfectly rational thing to do for nice people who give away boatloads of money.

It’s a one~run game but the Bucs’ bullpen is in. Sigh of relief.


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