Goodbye, Hockey

I am so glad I don’t have to watch hockey anymore.  If this were football or baseball, I’d keep watching the post season after my team has been eliminated but no way in hell I’d do that for hockey.

I watched every game the Penguins were in in the post season.  And that’s after watching none of the games during the regular season.  I only watched them because my youngest loves hockey and she is working long hours and didn’t have time to watch them herself.  I texted her the updates; the who, the when.  It wasn’t until the final game when the Pens got eliminated that I figured out how to do it right.

Aside to Pens fans:  Yes, I am sure that was very hard.  Sports can break your heart.  But really, you had to see this coming during Game 2 against the Bruins.  By Game 3, it was almost set in stone, and by Game 4 it was a fait accompli.  We had the better part of a week to read the writing on the wall.  It’s much harder to lose in a Game 7.  It adds salt to the wound that the Pens bet so much on a 2013 Cup, and gave up so much of the future to assure it, only to fail so completely.  The Steelers are going to suck too, so enjoy the Pirates while it lasts.  Let Gerrit Cole steal your heart,

I learned during my many periods of hockey, that the announcers never talk in a normal human voice.  They scream their way through three periods, until there is a big flurry around the net, and then they start shrieking (shrieking is a word I spell incorrectly every time when I write it initially.)  I knew they were going to lose, and felt no need to pay perfect attention anymore.  I turned the sound down very low, low enough to be able to read a book during the game and knew that the shrieking would pull my attention when it had to.

In baseball and football, you can anticipate the score.  Not always.  Sometimes the D scores and sometimes you get a homerun, but usually, you can see the scoring opportunity open in front of you.  Not so in hockey, which I assume is why they scream all the time.  There is no time to go to the bathroom because you never know when anyone is going to score.  I’ll take the savoring of baseball any day.

I have a friend who always goes on to root for the team that eliminated his, figuring it is better to  lose to the eventual winner.  I do not get that logic.  Fuck the Bruins.


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