Game of Thrones

Spoiler Alert:  In all three seasons of Game of Thrones, they’ve made the unusual decision to put their most shocking show not as the season-ending cliffhanger, but as the penultimate show.  All kinds of people have dropped HBO since the wedding scene on Sunday.  Really?  You’re watching a show on a pay channel about war back when they used swords, knives and axes and you didn’t anticipate it might get bloody?  My advice for them is to stay away from Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead.

I’ve never read the books, and kudos to the geeks who have and were not shocked at all by Sunday’s ending, but I have read critiques of Martin that said he often writes his characters into tight places, can’t figure out how to get them out so he kills them off.  I don’t know that’s true or the writings of someone who’s jealous.  It’s not my genre, but I may give them a try since I now know the names of some of the 5000 characters and 1000 places.

My God.  Half of the nice nuclear family slain.  And Jon Snow, you know nothing.


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