Breaking Bad, Again

I had every intention of marathoning the new season of Arrested Development this long weekend, but I ended up watching Breaking Bad instead.  It’s hard to pinpoint the exact circumstances that led me to this, my fourth watching of the series, but as anyone who watches it knows, we don’t need a reason.
I did notice something new this time.  Nothing big, just further proof that Vince Gilligan is a master at foreshadowing.  Foreshadowing so subtle that you would never pick up on it until you’re rewatching it.  Just like Walter spinning the gun and having it land on the Lilies of the Valley, which I doubt anyone understood until the end of Season 4.  Or the watch ominously ticking down while it was sitting on the Leaves of Grass, which no one got until the last show aired.  In the episode where Gus goes in to meet with the DEA after his fingerprints have been found in Gale’s apartment, they show Gus in the elevator going down after he leaves the meeting.  As he clears each floor, the sound they play is the exact ding of Tio’s bell, nicely foreshadowing the guy who’s going to off him.  Oh, Vince!  You magnificent bastard!
At the end of Season 2, when Skyler finally puts it all together and tells Walter she know he’s a drug dealer, she tells him she is leaving the house for the weekend with the kids so he can pack his stuff up and get out, as a prelude to their divorce.  Skyler, so moralistic, so noble, yet she has no qualms about having an affair with an embezzler.  I guess she has different degrees of felonies she’ll tolerate.
I’ve always watched Breaking Bad in real time and in the first two seasons, I was never afraid of Walter getting caught by the cops.  I was afraid of him getting caught by Skyler.

I usually like the music they play in this series, but now that I’ve seen it all again, my favorite melding of music and plot in the finale of Season 1.  Tuco had just done a number on No Doze and our boys are stunned at the violence they witnessed.  As they’re walking back to their car, they play, “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul Now?”


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