Live blogging The Beatles

Kelly bought me an Ipod for Mother’s Day two years ago.  She must have been very flush at the time.  For reasons I can’t remember now, she had burned her entire ITunes library on CDs and gave them to me for a starter collection until I added my own.  For years, I’ve had entirely too much Tool and Britney Spears for a woman of my certain age.  I spent hours yesterday organizing my music.  I put all my Beatles in order of album, in order of tracks on the albums, the same way I remember them from my turntable.  I’m having Beatlemania at work all day.  I’m starting with I Saw Her Standing There and I’ll see how close I can get to Get Back by 5:30.  Live blogging The Beatles:

Yeah, you got that something
I think you’ll understand
When I say that something,
I want to hold your hand,
(Drums, drums, drums, drums, drums)
I want to hold your hand
I want to hold your hand.

And we’re off.

Imagine I’m in love with you
It’s easy cause I know
I’ve imagined I’m in love with you
Many, many, many times before
It’s not like you to pretend
But I’ll get you, I’ll get you in the end.

Oh, John.

And when I do, you better hide all the girls
I’m gonna break their hearts all ’round the
Yes, I’m gonna break ’em in two,
I’ll show you what your loving man can do.
Until then, I’ll cry instead.

Our parents should have listened to the music for fifteen minutes before deciding that they were scary.  The first three albums were all love, want, need.  They just wanted to hold our hand, dance with us and carry our books home from school.

Well, you know that I’m a wicked guy and I was born with a jealous mind,
And I can’t spend my whole life trying just to make you toe the line.

One the many reasons I liked John more than Paul.

As the albums go by, I’m getting less and less patient with Paul.

The sun is up
The sky is blue
It’s beautiful
And do are you
Dear Prudence
Won’t you come out and play?

I got from Meet The Beatles to three fourths of the way through The White Album and then I remembered I should have listened to Magical Mystery Tour right after Sgt. Pepper’s.  I’ll pick it up there tomorrow morning which will save me from having to listen to Revolution Number 9 so early in the morning.  So now I have the Beatles’ best and worst albums ahead of me.  I’ve decided I want them to play Sexy Sadie at my funeral.



I’ve been waiting for two days for I Am The Walrus.

Love is all you need Love is all you need Love is all you need Love is all you need Love is all you need Love is all you need Love is all you need Love is all you need Love is all you need Love is all you need Love is all you need

I’m skipping Side 2 of Yellow Submarine because I assume no one ever listened to it.  Not even Yoko.

Abbey Road.  47 minutes and 27 seconds of perfection.  What a way to end a career.

I finished Let It Be, and with the exception of a few songs, that album sucks.  Any album that has The Long and Winding Road on it sucks.  Despite the fact that they had been arguing for years, and that it took almost a year for them to release Let It Be because of their fighting, and they had grown so far apart musically, (witness Michelle by Paul, the beginning of him inflicting Silly Love Songs on us, and Girl, by John, way back on Rubber Soul), the press of 1970 decided to ignore all that and blame everything on Yoko, because what’s a little racism and sexism when you’re talking about the world’s greatest band?  The best way to look at Yoko, is without her, we’d probably never have Imagine.

I wonder how many times Lennon regretted the agreement to put Lennon/McCartney as writers for all their songs, no matter who wrote it.  I guess he did not mind for Yesterday, Eleanor Rigby and Back in the USSR but must have wept that his name is on dreck like Honey Pie and Your Mother Should Know.

I’d like to say thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves and I hope we passed the audition.

Lennon 1


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