Homophobia and the GOP

It was a tough week for homophobes when rich social conservatives emailed supporters telling them to stop donating to the GOP until they start opposing gay marriage at every turn like in the Good Old Days of five months ago.  Tough choice.  Do they stick to their abominable hatreds or do they watch their party die?

It was a big week for silly rationalizations of why gay marriage is wrong,  all of which are nonsensical but sound better than saying what they really think which is “gay sex is icky.”

Gay marriage threatens straight marriage.  You hear this line less and less.  Even bigots can’t say it with a straight face because it’s laughably indefensible.  Rick Santorum did say a variation of that this week, but I tend to give him a pass, because his brand of crazy is so amusing.

The Bible says it is wrong.  This excuse is starting to lose favor, too.  They know no one follows the Bible literally and to the letter of the law and so hiding your bigotry behind one particular Bible passage while you ignore others makes you look like a World Class Hypocrite.  Unless you still own slaves.

All children need a mother.  First of all, someone needs to tell them women are gay, too.  Being a woman does not always equate into being a good mother.  Ask Susan Smith.  All children need someone who loves them.  Two someones would be nice, but that doesn’t always happen, even without gay marriage.

We cannot tamper with the 2000 year old tradition of marriage.  Sure we can. We’ve done it many times before.   Nowadays we marry for love.  Back when women were chattel, we had arranged marriages, with the “property” going to whoever paid the biggest dowry.  That was the definition of marriage and we changed it.  The definition of marriage used to be blacks and whites could not marry.  We changed that, too.  They sky never fell down when we did.

If your union cannot result in children, it’s deviant.  As said this week by a Republican Montana state legislator.  That list includes every man who’s ever had sex with a woman during  the time of the month when she was not ovulating, every man who’s had a vasectomy, every woman who’s had her tubes tied, everyone who uses birth control and everyone in a relationship with a postmenopausal woman.  He’s calling Grammie a deviant!

When the Republicans lost so thoroughly in November, they swore they’d change, if for no other reason than their own survival.  They knew they could no longer be the party that caters to racists, homophobes and misogynists.  And yet, just yesterday, the RNC unanimously passed a resolution to continue to oppose gay marriage.  The resolution was drafted by a Michigan Republican who once called gays “filthy.”  And thus ends the Republicans grand plans to be welcoming and inclusive.

When Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) came out in favor of gay marriage last month, becoming one of only two Republican Senators who do so, reactions was swift and fierce.  It was exactly what you’d expect from the bigots, but also a lot of applause from others for him doing the right thing.  He only changed his mind because his son is gay.  He follows in the footsteps of Nancy Reagan, who only became pro stem cell research when it could help her Alzheimer’s-ridden husband.  And Dick Cheney, who only became pro gay rights because his daughter is gay.  And Rush Limbaugh, who stopped seeing drug use as a reason to go to jail instead of as a disease that is treatable once he had a huge monkey on his back.  I guess we should take any change in bigots as a good thing, but why do they have no love for sick people, gay people, drug-dependent people unless it visits their front door?  They don’t care about their constituents or listeners dealing with the same issues until it becomes about THEM.

That about sums up the Republican party to me.  They don’t look at an issue on its merits; they look at the issue solely for how it affects rich straight white men.  If it doesn’t do anything to promote their overly-privileged lives, they only care to keep the status quo.

Getting down to the basic ideology, shouldn’t Republicans love gays?  They are responsible for zero abortions.  They don’t add any new children to the welfare lines.  They don’t raise our taxes.  Gays should be their poster boys!  If only they could stop judging gays and treating them like second class citizens who don’t deserve the same rights as everyone else, this could be a windfall for them if they market it correctly.  Abortion!  Welfare!  Taxes!  Three huge planks in their platform.  Someone get me Reince Priebus on the phone!  I think I can save his party.

It’s still two months away until the Supreme Court comes back with its decision on DOMA and Prop 8.  Scalia, Alito and Thomas will continue their Axis of Evil but I’m hopeful the swing votes will swing the right way.  Kennedy has been a supporter of gay rights in the past and Roberts likes to get his name on big, shiny important changes.  Gay marriage in 2013 is as shiny as it gets.



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