Richard Dawkins believes in reason and science but has a bit of trouble with the truth

I love The Belle Jar blog, and she wrote a brilliant comeback to Richard Dawkins’ insulting and factually inaccurate story on Ishtar/Easter.  I wish I knew how to link that here but I’ll figure that out someday.

I’ve had my share of discussions with atheists, both in real life and on social media, and the one thing they trumpet over and over is what great critical thinkers they are.

Yet when Richard Dawkins publishes pabulum like that, they accept it hook, line and sinker and instantly go on the offensive against Christians.  They accept it with the same blind faith that they mock people of faith for believing what their parents taught them.  At least when my parents taught me, I was four.  What is their excuse for being the least critical thinkers imaginable?

I am a faithful follower of The Huffington Post, because they lean the same way I lean, yet I am smart enough to know sometimes their agenda leads them to ridiculous postings, and their conclusions can be as over-the-top insane as anything Fox News comes up with.  I either ignore their story or find it on a less liberal site.  And *that’s* what critical thinking is.

Not all atheists are this or all people of faith that.  We need to disabuse ourselves of the notion that all people in one group are exactly the same and share the same skill sets and ideas.  That’s the very definition of bigotry.  Except, of course, that all Cubs’ fans are losers.  But that’s another story for another day.


3 comments on “Richard Dawkins believes in reason and science but has a bit of trouble with the truth

  1. Sorry about that. Today’s game put me in a mood. I’m a Pirates fan, because someone has to be a Pirates fan. They had two damn hits through the first eight innings. I need hope to spring in April because it sure won’t spring May though September.

  2. .

    I think Easter and the Easter-egg came from the Egyptian Isis.

    In Egyptian Isis was called Ast or Est, from which we derive Ester or Easter (referring to a star or the heavens). And remember that Isis-Est was a fertility goddess, as much as she was the Queen of Heaven.

    And the Easter-egg came from the spelling, because Est was spelt with the easter-egg glyph.


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