Mr. Mojo Risin’

I was flipping through the channels last night and found Val Kilmer playing Jim Morrison,  I was still singing L.A. Woman this morning, an epically great song.  I decided to google the lyrics.  That was when I found out I’ve been singing a line in that song incorrectly since 1971.

Back in the Olden Days, you would hope the albums you bought came with lyrics.  Your only other salvation was to go to a store that sold sheet music and hope you could find the song you were looking for.  Barring both of those, you just sang what you thought the lyrics were and hoped for the best.

Kids today are never going to get the lyrics wrong.  That’s kind of sad, really.  They’ll never be with some friends in a car when a song like Come On, Eileen came on, a song no one knew the lyrics to, and everyone is quiet or seat-dancing, until everyone belted out, “We are far too young and clever” and then went silent again, because that’s the only line anyone could make out.

You could make out “I feel stupid and contagious” in Smells Like Teen Spirit but the rest of it was a mystery until you got to “Oh, well, whatever, nevermind.”

The line is “L.A. Woman, Sunday afternoon” but I always thought it was “L.A. Woman’s gonna have to do.”  I love Jim Morrison but I like my lyrics better.


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