Word Press, Times Six

When Kelly was small, I taught her how to use a computer.  As she hit her teenage years, the roles reversed. She was much more savvy than I was, and I was forever calling out to her when I hit the wall and couldn’t figure something out myself.

She remained patient until about two years ago when she told me she was not helping me anymore. “You’re a smart woman.  Figure it out yourself.”

Understandable and turn about is fair play since I am sure I told her that at five when she kept asking me to tie her shoes.

But Word Press is driving me nuts.  I write, I edit so I can add the category and tags, then I hit Publish.  So easy, so self-explanatory, but when I go to look at my post on the main page, it’s not there.  And this hasn’t happened once.  It’s happened in every post I’ve done.

So I end up doing it all over again.  And again.  And again.  it’s been taking about six tries for it to show up and for the life of me, I can’t think of anything different I did on the sixth try that I didn’t do on one through five.  I end up screaming at the screen, “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?”

I just published a post about Kindles, and same old story.  I couldn’t see it.   OK, think.  I cleared my cache, but that didn’t help.  I drank a beer but that didn’t help.   Didn’t hurt, either.  But then I got a notice on my phone that someone hit the Like button in it. (Why, thank you!) OK, a clue.  Other people can see it even if I can’t.  So maybe the lesson to learn here is patience.  It’ll show up eventually.  In the meantime, I sincerely apologize to the people who signed up to get email notifications of a new post.  The thought that you might have gotten that same post six times is horrifying.  Trust me.  It didn’t get six times cleverer.

Oh, crap, I just looked at my main page and it’s gone again.  WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, WORD PRESS?


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